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TruFitness | Train with a purpose | Train for life.



Our challenges offer an opportunity to get fit, lose weight & become your own health advocate while hanging out with an inspiring tribe.

Our approach to nutrition is simple, we DON’T DIET! We cleanse the palette, eliminate inflammation and detox the body safely while getting to the root of any food sensitivities and other gut related issues. Through this process you’ll build your own food list, learn how to shop for healthier options, meal prep and create amazingly tasty meals! 

Benefits- A sustainable & realistic way to lose fat, improve health issues, chronic joint pain, auto-immune & metabolic diseases to name a few.  

Physically, goals will be met safely & effectively under the guidance of our certified staff.

Our challenges also focus on self development. We believe you’re only as strong as the conversation between your ears. Topics include: habits of success, goal setting, identifying who you are, who you’re becoming, attitude and improving your internal monologue.

Educational tools, events & weekly ZOOM meetings are provided relating to all things health.

REWARDS– PARTY, Earn FREE memberships and so much more!!

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