Personal training hours vary based on trainer availability. Personal training is recommended for those who want to work one-on-one with a trainer to develop proper form and technique before jumping into classes. Work with a trainer of your choice and set yourself up for success with individualized workouts and guidance.

$260 – 6, 30-MINUTE SESSIONS

$360 – 12, 30-MINUTE SESSIONS

$360 – 6, 60-MINUTE SESSIONS

$660 – 12, 60-MINUTE SESSIONS

Why use a personal trainer? A personal trainer can help you meet your goals quickly by tailoring programming to your specific needs. However, the Everlasting advantage of the relationship you will build with a professional in the industry is the main reason personal training is so beneficial. We want our trainers to personally connect with each and every member. Our unique personality test uses psychological research to pair you with the trainer that will best serve you.

For every hour your personal trainer spends with you on the floor, they typically spend the same amount of time or more planning programs, computing paperwork, and tracking your progress. Your hard-earned dollars will go to our well-deserved trainers. We guarantee our trainers take home a higher percentage of pay then 90% of commercial and private gyms in the industry.

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