Personal Training (30 and 60 Minutes) – If you’re new to exercise and do not know where to start, consider training with our team of experts. As we aspire to change as many lives as possible, personal training is limited and dependent upon trainer’s schedules. For information on personal training, please check our Personal Training page. For more information on our team members, click here.

Metabolic Training (30 Minutes) – This type of training is meant for everyone. Metabolic conditioning trains the body to become more efficient at producing and using energy through intervals of high and low-intensity exercise. Using a wide variety of equipment, these classes will differ each and every day to challenge different muscle groups and energy systems. If you are looking to learn about exercise, shed a few pounds, and add lean muscle mass then metabolic training is your calling. All metabolic training classes are included with monthly membership.

Low-Impact Training (Mon/Wed, 6pm | Tues/Thur 10am | 45 Minutes) – This type of training is specifically designed to create a healthy cardiovascular system, increase your overall strength, keep your BALANCE in check through low-intensity circuit training in a safe and fun environment. At this stage of life its all about QUALITY.

Strength Training (60 Minutes) – Our strength training courses are specifically for those who are looking to build more muscle mass. Science has proven strength training is more effective than cardiovascular training for burning calories and adding muscle mass. Are you up for the challenge? All strength training classes are included with monthly membership.




Tier One military operatives training:

Combat Mindset (60 Minutes) – A class to get you mentally prepared to push your own limits. Find the focus required for success. The 75% of this course will be classroom time, while the other 25% will push mental limits through physical adversity.

Topics include: Habits of Success, Goal Setting, Identifying Who You Are and Who You Are Becoming, Attitude, Internal Monologue, and Self Sabotage/Fixing the Problems.

Moral Compass (60 Minutes) – Choosing who to be and living the life you choose. This discussion-based course on how decisions are made, how we feel about them, and how they can affect our lives. Content focuses on setting guidelines for easier decision making.

Introduction to Combatives (60 Minutes) – If you have never been in a fight or if you never want to, then this is the class for you. This introduction to an entry level style of hand-to-hand training may keep you out of trouble someday. Topics includes: wrist releases, striking, and target identification. This class is a more offensive approach to dealing with conflict.

Introduction to Pressure Points (60 Minutes) – Make your strike most effective by striking your opponent where it matters most. This introductory course will teach you where to strike opponents when in combat.

Self Defense (60 Minutes) – What to do when a threat is escalated to a hands-on attack. This beginners’ look at escaping an attacker, defensive striking, and breaking contact with the attacker will put you in a position to protect yourself.

Situational Awareness (60 Minutes) – How to familiarize yourself with a new place, building, or situation. This course helps you create habits that will keep you informed when confronted with an issue.


Specialty Presentations & Workshops that incl: Fitness, Nutrition, Health & Wellness (60+ Minutes)– Here at Trufitness we take a personalized, anti-inflammatory approach when it comes to nutrition & wellness through the support of REAL foods, quality supplementation, research, and partnerships with our Functional Medicine Practitioners and other specialists including, physical therapy and massage. Registration fees apply.


TruFitness Wellness Partners

Brittany Michels, RD

Laura Smith, RD, LD

Brandy Benyo and Alex Hoelter, Massage Therapist

Denise Smith, Owner of Smith Physical Therapy & Running Academy, PT, Running Technique Specialist



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