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TruFitness | Train with a purpose | Train for life.


METABOLIC(HIIT 30 minutes)- ALL FITNESS LEVELS – This style training involves high intensity workouts (modifications available) with a series of exercises performed in a timed manner. Using a wide variety of equipment, these classes differ each day to challenge different muscle groups & energy systems. Benefits- improve cardiorespiratory health, coordination, balance, increase muscular endurance, aid in fat loss.

 STRENGTH(30-60 minutes) ALL FITNESS LEVELS – A progressive, periodization program providing our members an opportunity to see & feel muscular growth. Benefits- reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, develop strong bones, manage chronic conditions, enhance quality of life. 

STRENGTH/STABILITY (60 minutes specialty) ALL FITNESS LEVELS – a patent-pending unique program providing an overall increase in strength from a neuromuscular level. Benefits- prevent injury, improve motor skills, coordination, BALANCE, reaction time, develop a strong & healthy mindset.

BOOTCAMP KICKBOXING(60 minutes) ALL FITNESS LEVELS – Want to relieve some STRESS & get in shape?!  This dynamic, high intense, cardio driven class provides an opportunity to sweat out toxins & leave you feeling stronger mentally & physically. Holly focuses on form & technique, using a variety of equipment while teaching a wide scope of punches, kicks and combos. 

YOGA(60 minutes) ALL FITNESS LEVELS – Yoga provides practical tools to help clear the mind to see things as they are and bring us back to our TRU core of peace and love. Through the art of breathing, movement and meditation, slow, fast & gentle flows will be taught weekly. Cori delivers a mindful and educational format with a hands on approach to helping our members heal mentally & physically. 


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