TruFitness Team

Mary Boyer – Operations Manager

Mary has been working in the realm of fitness for over 30 years. She knew early on that helping others achieve their goals in fitness and nutrition was her passion (along with beautifying them as a hairstylist). She graduated from beauty school in 1986 and worked as a full time stylist while coaching gymnastics. While maintaining both careers as a hairstylist and Junior Olympic gymnastics coach, she decided to further her education and become an ISSA Personal Trainer in 2005.

Over the last 17 years Mary obtained several certifications in kickboxing, nutrition, and coaching. She serves as a Master Trainer through her mentor Dr. Jack Barnathan, owner of N.Y. Strength Inc. Her coaching style is from the heart with a tough love attitude. Whatever the goal be it weight loss, recovery from an injury, competition, or beginning stages of training Mary’s mission is to empower her clients to train with a purpose, set goals and nail them with tools that create a safe and effective training program. Nutritional support and guidance along with mindset to train for life.

Mary has motivated hundreds of clients to achieve their weight loss goals, run races, and build confidence and self-esteem. Some have been inspired to become fitness trainers or have taken courses within the industry.

Mary has competed in Figure Competitions, taking 1st place on stage in ABA’s Master’s Division in 2012 (2nd overall) and 6th place in Kentucky Muscle’s  2017 Competition placing 6th in Masters (6th overall). Check out her public book release on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and other digital platforms, “The Midlife Movement: 8 Steps to a Happy & Healthy Lifestyle for Women of a Certain Age”.


Caitlyn Smith – Tribe Trainer

Caitlyn has been taking dance classes since she was five years old, requiring jumps, turns, agility, and flexibility. Continuing her participation in dance for the next 15 years, Caitlyn learned a variety of styles including ballet, pointe, lyrical/contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. For the past eight years, she has been coaching and teaching these various styles. After working with a physical therapist assisting a Facilitated Dance Class for children with special needs, Caitlyn decided to become certified in personal training. Caitlyn strives to help instill within others a passion for a healthier lifestyle. Her goal is help you enjoy fitness by exercising in new and exciting ways.

Angie Berthelsen – Yoga Instructor

Angie is a certified yoga instructor and certified personal trainer. She is also certified to teach prenatal and kids yoga. Her journey to becoming a teacher/trainer, began with her own chronic pain, cause by herniated discs in her neck. After finding that yoga and other forms of exercise were the only things that relieved her pain, she became very passionate about teaching others how to live a better life and become better versions of themselves through exercise. She loves making people feel good by reminding them that they are much stronger than they think they are.

When she’s not training or teaching yoga, she spends her time working out, playing guitar or hanging out with her dogs, husband and 6 kids.


Brandy Beno – Massage Therapist

Brandy Benyo is a skilled licensed Massage Therapist with 13 years of experience. She’s a graduate from a top COMTA certified school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a Cary resident. Brandy owns Tranquility Wellness Studio here in town and works largely by referral. She takes a therapeutic approach to her practice and believes in a mind, body, spirit connection and tailoring every session uniquely to each client’s individual needs. Her specialties include site specific deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, athletic sports recovery, Swedish, pediatric sports, and prenatal massage.  Brandy believes in natural wellness, clean eating, exercise and the practice of being present and mindful. She is passionate about helping others improve their health simply and holistically.

Brittany Michels – Registered Dietitian through The Vitamin Shoppe

Brittany has been a Registered Dietitian since 2009 and carries extensive consultation experience in all aspects of health and nutrition. Her areas of expertise include weight-management, sports nutrition, digestive disorders, and healthy aging. She is also an ultramarathoner with a passion for nutrition as it relates to training, fueling, recovery, and competition day. Brittany provides workshops and consultations for TruFitness members.

Shane M. Anderson – Navy SEAL & Naval Special Warfare Trainer

Shane carries a long list of achievements, education, and training alongside his name. After enlisting in the Navy shortly after 9/11, it wasn’t long before Shane was a well-decorated Navy SEAL. Shane continues his career with the US Military serving at the Navy Recruiting District in Chicago, where he leads recruits entering the Naval Special Warfare Training Program. Shane is partnered with TruFitness to teach Military-derived courses such as combat mindset, situational awareness, and self-defense.


Denny Krerowicz – Specialty Trainer

Since 2010 Denny has trained athletes of many different disciplines. His passion for performance has led him down many paths. He’s worked with high school and collegiate athletes as well as the general fitness community looking to find the best physical version of themselves. “No matter what you goals in fitness are..” he often says..”I want your movement to be biomechanically correct and orthopedically sound”.

His love for the iron has led him to one of the strongest powerlifting gyms in the country, Monster Garage, where he continues to learn from the best in the world in proper technique and stabilization. Other disciplines include Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting. He coached his version of CrossFit for many years at multiple gyms and found his calling through love of seeing his clients succeed.

Certifications Include:

USAW Sports Performance Coach Lvl 1
International Sports Science Association CPT
CrossFit Football Coach
CrossFit Lvl 1 Coach
CrossFit Powerlifting Coach
Outlaw Way
Jon North Attitude Nation Lvl 1